Windows XP SP3

Here's a tutorial on updating to SP3 if you're on Windows XP. The service pack includes all of the previous updates, so instead of downloading the updates one by one after a reformat, do this and you can do it all at once by using this method. Windows XP SP3 Update … Read more about Windows XP SP3

Advantage MeMedia

Advantage MeMedia I've been spending alot of time on my laptop - it's closest to the heating pad. It's not really my laptop - we all use it including my son. It's not the fastest machine on the internet, and since my son uses it, I decided I would lock it down. I discovered an addon in … Read more about Advantage MeMedia

Email Phishing Scam

Email Phishing Scam Here's a new scam you should be aware of. Not your typical phishing scam, this email will actually install a trojan. The email looks convincing. Don't believe it. It will ask you to install a certificate. … Read more about Email Phishing Scam