I freaked my son out this afternoon. Total classic.

I’ve hurt my back and cannot sit for more than a few minutes without my back really hurting. Oddly, I can stand, and I can lay down, just can’t sit.

This is interrupting my work. Deeply. TV is getting really boring- I mean I can only watch so much news. Itching for my computer, I decided to download TightVnc on my computer and one of our laptops. I fiddled around with a wireless card today but it doesn’t work and I can’t find the right one.

The TightVNC, once installed, allows me to work on my computer from across the room. That’s how I’m typing this blog post. From across the room, just like I’m on my own computer. It’s really pretty cool. I’m in a semi reclining position, the laptop is in my lap, I’m resting against pillows and a heating pad. (the heating pad has actually become an extension of my body, unfortunately)

Earlier this afternoon, when I put this little setup together, my son was oblivious to what was going on. Once I was connected, I was checking email and answering it and suddenly I hear:

Him: Mom. Someone’s got control of your computer.

Me: No way. You’re pulling my leg! (doing my level best not to laugh)

Him: Really! They’re typing an email and everything!

At this point I couldn’t control it. I was trying to not let him know, because let’s face it – this is an excellent way to play a joke on him, but laughter won out.

You can download tightvnc at http://tightvnc.com or http://sourceforge.net/projects/vnc-tight/