Classic Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing,  in the world of seo, is a no no. Here is a prime example of what not to do. First, I went to a site, looked around and scrolled down, and down, and down... As you can see in the image: blue. Keywords are hidden in this sea of blue. On my monitor, I could just barely see … Read more about Classic Keyword Stuffing

Keep your own backups

Keep your own backups This fella lost 7 years of data. Why was he using free online programs for his supposedly important email? This I don’t get – my email is my life. I see absolutely no reason … Read more about Keep your own backups

Blog and Site Upgrades

Blog and Site Upgrades I am still working on upgrading blogs, and I am in the process of moving one site to Wordpress. When I first started blogging, tags and multiple categories were all the rage. In fact, I was told at the time that I didn’t use enough tags, and it made sense in some cases … Read more about Blog and Site Upgrades

Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 Firefox crashed on me this morning - badly - so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and upgrade to Mozilla - Firefox 4. The upgrade went nice and smooth - all my settings saved. I couldn't use the upgrade feature because Firefox wouldn't even open. Not entirely sure I … Read more about Mozilla Firefox 4