How to buy a domain name

How do you buy a domain name? So you have decided to go ahead and buy a domain name. Did you decide on the name yet or are you up in the air about it? The first thing you need to do before you purchase a domain name is check to see if a domain name is available. All domain registrars have a … Read more about How to buy a domain name

.XXX Domain Names

.XXX Domain Names .xxx domain names have been approved by ICANN. ICANN regulates the domain name naming system. You can get one for $60 a year come summer! If you don't have an adult site but just want to protect your business name from unscrupulous folks, you can get … Read more about .XXX Domain Names

Yahoo Domains

I have several domain names registered with three different registrars. At one time it was four, but I moved those domains to my main registrar. Several domains were registered with Yahoo. I got these domains for $2.95, which I thought was an outstanding deal, especially for a domain name addict … Read more about Yahoo Domains

What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is a name that resolves to an IP address, which is listed in a huge DNS database. You can think of this database as a phone book. The IP address is a phone number, and the domain name is the name that has the phone number. Computers find each other by IP … Read more about What is a Domain Name