Advantage MeMedia

I’ve been spending alot of time on my laptop – it’s closest to the heating pad. It’s not really my laptop – we all use it including my son.

It’s not the fastest machine on the internet, and since my son uses it, I decided I would lock it down.

I discovered an addon in Mozilla that I couldn’t delete. It’s called Advantage MeMedia. Virus program wouldn’t remove it, nor would Spybot or Adaware. I even removed Mozilla completely – and deleted Mozilla registry entries as well. Reinstalled Mozilla, and it was still there.

So I searched the registry for this plugin. Searching memedia didn’t help, but searching advantage did. I found the entry, deleted it and it’s folder (this addon doesn’t install in the Mozilla folder at all.) I only found the one entry. Voila! No more Advantage MeMedia add on.