Sound Card Issues

Sound Card Issues Computer components installed without any problem to speak of. We did have issues in the beginning getting the sound card working. Other half insisted it was a motherboard issue, on the first computer. I insisted it was something simple. (There was no way that motherboard was … Read more about Sound Card Issues

Computers Are Almost Done

The computers are almost done. Only thing that is needed, and we're currently missing is a splitter. I need to run out and get a Dual Serial-ATA Power Splitter, since the original cable doesn't reach. Boo. A motherboard picture: I'm also wondering how long we will keep the covers on … Read more about Computers Are Almost Done

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding Yesterday I went on a mission. I wanted to find out how I can block World of Warcraft on my network. Sometimes babyboy shows signs of addiction to the game, and I feel the need to be a mean parental unit, and I want to block it. I use the parental controls on the game, but he … Read more about Port Forwarding

Start up utilities

Start up utilities Most computers start up with a lot of un-needed items. About the only thing you need to start up when your computer boots up is your firewall and antivirus program. There are alot of programs that will start up when you boot and it just slows down your computer. One computer … Read more about Start up utilities