No WordPress Custom Fields

I realized earlier that I needed to add thumbnails to a couple of posts. This theme will automatically create a thumbnail for you based on your first image, using WordPress custom fields. But not all posts require an image. If you’re not using an image, you can add the thumbnail by using the custom field feature, which I’ve used quite often in the past, although not lately.

But my custom field option was gone. Kaput. Nada. Where oh where did my custom field go? Why did you leave me here all alone?
no custom field

WordPress hid that bad boy on me. After a little searching I found what I needed. On the upper right hand side of the screen there are 2 options. One is Help. The other is Screen Options.

Choose Screen Options.

No Wordpress Custom Fields
click screen options

A menu will slide down and you can choose whatever you would like.

select options

WordPress custom fields are back! I can breathe again!
wordpress custom fields are back