Installing WordPress Plugins

In most cases, installing a WordPress plugin is not that difficult. It’s important to read the instructions of any plugin you may want to install, in case you need to tweak any template files.

WordPress Plugin Installation

Download and unzip the plugin. (Some come zipped, some don’t)

Read the instructions.

Upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins folder with FTP. (If you don’t know how to FTP, see How to FTP ) You may have to look around for this folder first, depending on your WordPress installation.

Login to your WordPress admin, go to your admin page. You need to go to your Plugins page.

In WordPress 2.5, after you log into your dashboard, just look to your right, and you’ll see the plugins link.

Wordpress plugins - install

In older versions of WordPress, you’ll see it on the main navigation list across the top when you first login to your dashboard.


Once on the plugins page, look for the Plugin you just uploaded, and click activate. Sometimes you’ll need to look around to do some tweaking the plugin requires from within the WordPress admin, look at all your links. Sometimes this is under Options, it could be under Plugins, or on the nav links on the first page of your admin. Sometimes a link is provided under the Plugin description after you’ve installed the WordPress plugin.

Tweak the plugin if needed.

Walla! You’re done installing your WordPress plugin.