Gabfire Theme: Snapwire

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking at new themes for a couple of my blogs. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous themes, most all have been premium, all themes have been bookmarked.

When I am on a theme search, I test several. While the site isn’t live for public consumption, I try the theme, test it, work on the site some, add content, and get a feel for the theme. Then I change the theme to another one to test that and I go through this cycle several times narrowing down my choices to like 5. It’s a lousy job but someone has to do it.

Whenever I see a theme in the wild I always check the CSS and see if it’s a custom theme or who created it, and track it down. I’ve seen several Gabfire themes, one I’ve taking a liking to is the NewsPro Theme but haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. But I did happen to come across a free theme Gabfire released, called Snapwire; and let me tell you – I jumped on that puppy, lol!

I downloaded it and installed the Snapwire theme. Now, I’m used to tweaking WordPress theme code directly. I’m not real used to using widgets, so when I installed and activated my Gabfire theme, I was in for a bit of a shock.

After installing my Gabfire theme, nothing worked. Except images, this was actually a nice change for once. More on that in another post. Not because there was anything wrong with the Snapwire theme, but I had some tweaking to do.

The Snapwire theme has a lot of options. I suggest messing with it on a site that has little or no traffic. It’s also a good idea to have content on the site so you can get an idea of what the Gabfire theme will look like. You will need images too – I haven’t tested this theme without them, but in general magazine themes look better with images.

The more I look at my Snapwire theme, the better I like it. I get excited when I look at it.

The Gabfire – Snapwire theme options include:

General Settings
Ad Management
Footer Options

The Snapwire theme offers 31 widget options to choose from that I won’t mention here. More than enough to play with though and keep you busy.

The one thing that kind of bummed me out was when I tried to sign up on the Gabfire theme forum I had to be a customer. This kind of disappointed me. I didn’t need support – I was just all enthused about my theme!