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How To Upload WordPress Themes

Install a Custom WordPress Theme via you dashboard.

One of the great things about WordPress is the amount of themes that are available. There are tons. And if you’re design challenged like I am, themes are a perfect solution.

When you find a WordPress theme you like, you first download it to your computer. Remember where you saved it.
Unzip it.
Read the instructions for the theme.
Then, you need to upload the theme via FTP. (Here is an FTP tutorial.)There is a theme folder within your WordPress software. The path looks like this:


or if your WordPress install is in a separate folder it would be


replacing blog with the name of your folder where you installed WordPress.

Once you’ve uploaded the theme, you then need to login to your WordPress admin.

Go to the Presentation tab. (In WordPress 2.5, you’ll go to the Design Tab)
Click on the link of the theme you just uploaded.
Activate the theme.

You’re done.