Changing Your WordPress Password

You may find that changing your WordPress password works better if you change it directly in the database.

Most hosts offer PHPmyadmin, which is a free application that lets you manipulate your database directly, you do need to know how to use it, and you need to be careful. Don’t click any red X’s!

On Cpanel hosts, you can access the PHPmyadmin utility by logging into Cpanel, go to mysql databases, and at the very bottom of the mysql page, there is a link to PHPmyadmin. If you don’t have PHPmyadmin, you can install it on your website and access your databases for that site.

Once you’re in PHPmyadmin, you need to find the correct database. I usually have at least 3, and since I don’t name everything the same, I have to search. But usually, the database will have a table number like (21) next to the database name. You click on that link. WordPress databases install tables that are prefixed with wp_. So look for the wp_. It will look like wp_tablename or wpname_tablename.

Then, you’ll need to look for a table with users in it (not usermeta) – wp_users:

database listing

Then you need to select the users table:

Changing Your Wordpress Password

Next, you need to select the user, which is usually admin as default, but you can select any user name you wish.

Changing Your Wordpress Password

You’ll then come to a screen where you can change variables:

Changing Your Wordpress Password

The one we’re focusing on is user_pass.

For the password, you’ll see a long string of characters that make absolutely no sense. This is your current password in encrypted form. Delete the characters.

Changing Your Wordpress Password

Next, type your password as you normally would, and then in the function drop down box, choose MD5. This is what encrypts your password:

Changing Your Wordpress Password

Don’t forget to click the Go button. You’re done. If you look at this screen, you’ll see your new password in it’s encrypted form.

Close the browser, open it up again and log into WordPress with your new password.