Akismet – Blog Move

If you’ve moved your blog from WordPress.com to self hosting and WordPress.org, you may find yourself inundated with spam.

WordPress.com took care of these pesky little things for you. I’m willing to bet WordPress.com folks rarely see spam.

So now, you’re drowning. What do you do?

When you were using wordpress.com, you had an api key, to use for the spam protection plugin Akismet. You can get this key sent to you and it will help keep your spam comments under control.

How do I get my Akismet key?

Go here: https://akismet.com/resend/

Put in the email address you used on wordpress.com. They’ll send it to you.

Once you get it, login to your wordpress.org site that we installed, go to the Plugins area and activate Akismet. When Akismet is turned on, you’ll see this message at the top of your screen in your browser:

*Akismet is almost ready.* You must enter your Akismet API key for it to work.

Click the link, enter your key and that should be it. Save if it says save.

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