I have a website scraper and content thief.

What is a website scraper?
It’s a program that steals content from another site. A website scraper does have it’s legitimate uses. In the case of my thief, it’s not legit. He or she is using it on his site, with Adsense hoping someone clicks and he makes money. He doesn’t care about the content.

He’s definitely got the Adsense code on his site. Ads are not showing. Is Google on to him?

adsense code
I discovered my content thief a couple of weeks ago. Sent an email, asked him to remove it. Chances are good he doesn’t even check the email address listed.

The site is still there:

content thief full post

I changed my feed to only reflect excerpts, the feed has been no-followed all along.

Woke up one morning to a couple of funny comments which turned out to be comment spam, wrote about that – it automatically writes to the content thiefs’ blog – and this is what you see on the content thiefs’ blog:

content thief excerpt

He deleted it. Doesn’t like the word spam on his site, I guess. I thought it fit the situation quite well.

I added the Tentblogger RSS plugin for my feed footer (say that real fast 10 times), and added a paragraph to my feed yapping about stolen content.

I discovered his email address in my Feedburner backend, and I was going to turn off his subscription but decided not to. This is his website scraper tool. He subscribes to my feed by email, then his email client sends the last post in the email to his blog automatically. He’s not even around when he steals my content. Or yours.

So instead of deleting his email from my Feedburner control panel, I turned on the headline animator instead. The seasonal headline animator. Once added to the feed. it looks like this:

feedburner headline animator

Let’s see what the feed does.