Found a cool social networking tool today.

I’m fond of the url shortener for tweeting, for some reason. I generally use it thru the MarketmeSuite app. Today I didn’t feel like opening Marketmesuite, so I decided to see if had a webpage.

And they do. Not only can you shorten your urls at the site, but they have a couple of other services as well: – Download your tweets! I was looking for something like this a couple of months ago. Of course, I tried it out immediately. It was very fast and did exactly what I expected.

It worked on a larger Twitter account as well. If you’re using browser addons like Noscript and Adblock, you will have to allow this site.

You can get a list of your recently shortened urls too, just in case you forgot what you did. – Delete your tweets! – Get tweet stats.

Info you’ll get, based on what my profile says:

  • Space efficiency: 55.01% (tweets have an average of 63 spare characters left over)
  • Average word length: 4.12 characters
  • Average syllables per word: 1.35
  • Vocabulary diversity score: 41.12
  • Real dictionary words: 90.92%

Our intelligence rating for Techconfusion is: –
Below average – Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Hmmm…

In our special nonsensical Twitter roleplaying parlance, Techconfusion is a: –
Level 1 Apprentice Tweet Warlock

Favourite words

Lol is my most tweeted word apparently, lol.


Techconfusion posts an average of 0.56 tweets per day.
We estimate they spend 27 minutes per month using Twitter.
Around 13 minutes of this monthly usage is during typical work/school hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Daily Tweets

daily tweets graph

Hourly Tweets

hourly tweets graph

You’ll also see your Most mentioned users and your
Most used hash tags
in a nice table.

All in all, a nice handy bunch of tools to use to keep your Twitter account running nice and smooth. All of the services ran quick and smooth. If only all web based apps ran like these!

Try them out and see for yourself.