One Good Reason to Keep Your Own Backups

In my years of web hosting I’ve seen servers crash, hard drives fail, and backups corrupted. Working tech support, I’ve warned folks to always keep a backup of their site, locally, heck, keep a couple of copies; and to never keep mail on the server if it’s important.

Most folks don’t listen. I think they generally feel it’s safe. It’s insert company here,what could possibly go wrong? They freak at the mention of such a thing.

Things can and do go wrong. That’s why you need to be responsible for your data, and not leave it up to some one else. It’s bad when a company hosting your data, has issues, worse when backups are corrupted. When the servers go back online, if you don’t have a backup, you’re up the creek without a paddle. It doesn’t matter if it’s traditional hosting or cloud hosting. Stuff breaks.

Here’s proof. Amazon servers went down yesterday taking a few companies with them.

cloud crash

According to the screenshot, Amazons servers went down, and Reddits backup plan failed. So did Amazons backup, according to Huffington Post.

If you have a large enough company and your business is web based, then you need to have another solution in case of a crash – you can be up and running again in a matter of minutes and get on with your day.

Amazon servers

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