Keyword stuffing,  in the world of seo, is a no no. Here is a prime example of what not to do.

First, I went to a site, looked around and scrolled down, and down, and down…

kw stuffing

As you can see in the image: blue. Keywords are hidden in this sea of blue. On my monitor, I could just barely see them if I looked hard enough.

Clicked Ctrl A at the same time.

Classic Keyword Stuffing


There are 14 pages of this kind of nonsense on the page.  Word count: 1518 words.  I counted. All of the words or acronyms in some cases, apply to the product/services sold on the site.

Too many to be called an “accident.”

Google doesn’t like it when you keyword stuff:


How could I initially tell they were stuffing keywords? All of the blank area – equaling about 14 pages when using the Page Down button.

Then I clicked Ctrl A (shows hidden text) and walla! Keywords in all of their glory.