This article assumes you have cpanel as your web hosting control panel. If you know how to access phpMyAdmin, you can follow the instructions, just log in to your PhpmyAdmin as you normally would.

Other database backup options .

Video Tutorial – Backing up your database with Phpmyadmin

Log into Cpanel.

Scroll down to the phpMyAdmin link and click.

cpanel - phpmyadmin

Once you’re in the phpMyAdmin screen, look on the left side and select your database by clicking on it.

choose database

You should see your database name at the top of the screen. Confirm you’re in the right database.

Go to the Export Tab and click.

select export tab

Now you’re at the export page.

You’ll see a box on the export page, listing all the tables in the database. Choose Select All. You can choose any you want for export – if you just wanted to export your posts then this is what you would choose. Right now I want the whole database, so I’ll Select All.

select all tables

Choose the SQL radio button below the table listing.

Check the Save As checkbox. Nothing needs to be done on the right hand of the screen under Options.

select save as

Click the Go button.


Choose Save with. Just remember where you put the file. It will look like this:


This file can be opened with any text editor you have available.