Color Social Network for your phone

With this kind of thing, we don’t need Big Brother.

With this app, you can share pics, text and video with everyone around you whether you know them or not. You just need to have the app installed on your smartphone, so do they. Uses the cloud for storage.

Um, no….

I can hear the copyright violations screams now. A video goes viral. 49 people caught the same video:

He stole my video!
No she did!
He did!

Egads. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

But maybe there’s a good side. You’re a poor soul who gets their butt kicked by some idiot that hates you for whatever reason – let’s say because you refuse to subscribe to a service like this. The 49 people capture it on video, grab it from the cloud, stick it on You Tube. Can you sue those 49 people for not stepping in and helping you?

And this:

Its creators expect that users will use real-life etiquette and accountability for all their photographed actions as they will be immediately shared by others. Any violation of decency can result in permanent suspension of service for a specific handset (the software is tied to a cell phone’s user ID).

Yeah, we see real life etiquette in social networks all the time. And how hard is it to get another phone number?

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