Change File Permissions in Filezilla

Open Filezilla and then browse to the file or directory that you are going to change permissions on.

file permissions
Right click, scroll to file permissions at the bottom of the context menu.

The file permissions sheet will pop up. You can either check or uncheck the permissions you want, or if you know the number you need – like 755, for example, you can type that in.
file permissions sheet

Click ok.

file permissions changed

This is what you’ll see if the file permissions changed in Filezilla. But, it’s important to note here, sometimes the permissions won’t change. I’ve had instances where I’ve had to log into the control panel in order to change the perms and make them stick.

If you need to change permissions in Filezilla on a directory and the files within:

Right click the directory you want to change permissions on
Scroll down to file permissions at the bottom of the context menu
Click Recurse into Subdirectories.
Choose one of the radio buttons that pertains to you.

directory file permissions

Be aware, this can be dangerous so you want to make sure you don’t set the wrong permissions on certain files. Always read the documentation if you’re installing a script.