I have several domain names registered with three different registrars. At one time it was four, but I moved those domains to my main registrar.

Several domains were registered with Yahoo. I got these domains for $2.95, which I thought was an outstanding deal, especially for a domain name addict like myself. I was also aware that these domains would go up in price, to $8.95 or $9.95, which they did. I had no problem with this.

This year, the domain names went up again. Way up. The price to renew each domain name was $34.95. This is part of an email that I received:

Thanks for using Yahoo! Domains. We’re writing to remind you that it’s time for the annual autorenewal of your service.

Your Domains plan, associated with the domain XXXXXX, will renew on 10/01/2008. If your billing information is up-to-date, there’s no need to do a thing (except keep enjoying your service).

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning on July 1, 2008, Yahoo!’s annual domain renewal price increases to $34.95 per year. ****

$34.95. This didn’t include web hosting, folks. No privacy features, nothing. Just the domain name.

This is insane. I wound up cancelling 8 of my domains, and I transferred 2 – one that isn’t officially mine, and another domain that I simply wasn’t ready to part with, to Godaddy.

If you’re looking to purchase a domain name, your best bet is Godaddy. They’ve never raised their prices so high in all the time I’ve been with them. Heck, I also use Domainmonger, and while I do consider them high at $17.95 – they’ve never raised their prices.

$34.95! I’m still not over it!