GoDaddy Domain Registration

I am really impressed with Godaddy domain registration prices are good: they regularly run around $10 or $11 a year, but if you purchase other non-domain products, you can get quite a deal on your domain name.

Be sure to read their forms as you go – there’s alot there and you could miss something or sign up for something you really don’t want. When you first sign up with GoDaddy to register your domain, it takes about 24 hours for your info to get into the system – the domain name registration will show up within this time – but no later than 48 hours. This is pretty standard for any domain registration.

But what truly impressed me is that after my initial signup with Godaddy domain registration, I decided to register another domain name. I went thru the process, registered the domain name, opted for custom nameservers, paid and went on my way.

Two hours later, for giggles, I decided to see if I could bring up the domain name in my favorite Whois.

Not only did the domain name show in Whois, on my nameservers, but the domain name actually came up on the internet. It seemed there was no propagation involved! This was a complete thrill – I always expect at least 24 hours for a new domain name registration to propagate internet-wide.

GoDaddy domain registration: Changing your nameservers

1. Log into your account at Godaddy
2. Go to Domains/My Domains
3. Select the domain name you want to change
4. Click on the nameservers you want to edit
5. Change both nameservers in both text boxes
6. Click the orange OK button in the lower right hand corner.

That’s it. You’re done with your Godaddy domain registration! If the domain name is a new one, the name will only take a few hours to propagate across the internet. If the domain is established, and you are merely transferring servers, it will take a bit longer, usually no more than 48 hours. It can take longer, however. offers several products including web hosting, dedicated servers, and email along with domain registration.