Sound Card Issues

Computer components installed without any problem to speak of.

We did have issues in the beginning getting the sound card working. Other half
insisted it was a motherboard issue, on the first computer. I insisted it was something simple. (There was no way that motherboard was going back)

I kept getting this error message:

Install Realtek HD Audio Driver failure Error Code 0XE0000227

I dutifully wrote the error message down and gave it to the other half – he was the one connected to the internet. He thought I looked it up. I thought he looked it up.

This little issue went on for hours. We tried everything. Different sets of speakers, headphones (and actually the headphones worked on certain things, for instance a CSI show. But wouldn’t work on CNN video!)

A good 8 hours went into trying to get the sound card working. Other half gave up and went to bed. I hung in there and put the error message into google and got an answer that solved the problem.

I went to the Control Panel, and then into System, then I went to hardware and the Device Manager

Scrolled down to System Devices
Found the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio
Disabled it.
Installed Realtek sound card driver
Uninstalled Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

Worked like a charm. Especially after I got the speakers plugged into the right spot.

But, really to make everything even simpler: install the video card last. This is what we did on the second computer and experienced no issues with the sound card at all.