Barebones PC Computer System

We are getting 2 new barebones computer systems on Thursday.

I can’t wait.

Gone are the days of my computer just shutting down for no reason. It is 6 or 7 years old, and is a dinosaur. It is a barebones computer pc system as well. I’ll be able to watch video without the computer crashing. I’ll be able to play games if I so choose! The possibilities are endless!

A barebones kit is the only way to go, folks, if you need a computer. It’s cheaper, you can customize it the way you want, and learn about the computer system as you go. In today’s economy, it’s the best move you could make.

What is a barebones computer?

A barebones computer is a mostly unassembled kit of computer components or parts that allows you to customize the computer to your liking. It costs a lot less than a pre-assembled brand name computer system. Barebones kits are available in various forms.

This is an Intel DG35EC Barebones Kit that comes with

Intel socket 775 motherboard
2.80 Ghz CPU
Intel Core 2 duo processor
2GB of DDR2-800 memory

In addition, we’ve ordered extra memory, Geforce video cards, DVD Rewritable Drives, and a couple of floppy drives. Why floppy drives? I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time I used a floppy. The tower is black.

Last but not least, we’re getting 500 gig hard drives for the computers!

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait?