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Changing Your WordPress Password

Changing Your Wordpress Password You may find that changing your Wordpress password works better if you change it directly in the database. Most hosts offer PHPmyadmin, which is a free application that lets you manipulate your database directly, you do need to know how … [Read more...]

Upgrading WordPress

I’ve been obsessed (which is putting it mildly) with the Caylee Anthony case for the last few weeks, and as a result, I’ve been negligent when it comes to my own sites. I decided to start working on breaking this obsession, and decided to upgrade my blogs this weekend, which … [Read more...]

Installing WordPress Plugins

Installing Wordpress Plugins In most cases, installing a Wordpress plugin is not that difficult. It's important to read the instructions of any plugin you may want to install, in case you need to tweak any template files. Wordpress Plugin Installation Download and unzip … [Read more...]

How To Upload WordPress Themes

How To Upload Wordpress Themes Install a Custom WordPress Theme via you dashboard. One of the great things about Wordpress is the amount of themes that are available. There are tons. And if you're design challenged like I am, themes are a perfect solution. When you … [Read more...]

WordPress automatic upgrade

Wordpress automatic upgrade Here's a Wordpress plugin that will automatically upgrade your blog to the new version quickly and efficiently. You'll need to double check any plugins that you have running to make sure they work, and if not, remove them or find an upgrade … [Read more...]