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Upgrading a Blog

I’ve just spent the last week upgrading a blog that I haven’t looked at in, oh 3 years, I guess. I started the blog in 2006. I knew it was there, knew it needed to be updated because it was a hot mess. And I do mean hot mess! I kept avoiding it because of the state it was … [Read more...]

How to Fix a Broken WordPress

Some broken Wordpress causes: Plugins Themes Upgrading your Wordpress installHacked The first thing you need to do, before proceeding with any fix – is to make sure you have a backup of your blog! This includes the database and your Wordpress files. I cannot … [Read more...]

No WordPress Custom Fields

No Wordpress Custom Fields I realized earlier that I needed to add thumbnails to a couple of posts. This theme will automatically create a thumbnail for you based on your first image, using Wordpress custom fields. But not all posts require an image. If you're not using … [Read more...]

Blog and Script Installation

Blog and Script Installation Are you looking to transfer a blog from or from to self hosting? Do you need a blog or script installation? Let me do it for you! Installation Pricing Blog and script installations (Open Source) - $60 Blog … [Read more...]