Right To Be Forgotten – Privacy

Right To Be Forgotten - Privacy This is all well and good, but in order for this to work everyone has to be on board. Otherwise, it's pretty much useless. But what about the other gazillion websites that mention these names? Right to be forgotten The European … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying Is Outlawed in Missouri

According to CNN, Missouri has outlawed cyberbullying. Here's hoping the law is enforced and sets an example for other states as well. Not only does the bill protect from internet harrassment, but The Missouri measure also requires school officials to tell police about … [Read more...]


Cyberbullying I've been following this case for awhile. I'm glad that the authorities have decided to do something about it. Whether it will come down to a sentence remains to be seen, we can hope. Lori Drew, 49, of suburban St. Louis, Missouri, was charged with … [Read more...]

Cell Phone Spam

Cell Phone Spam I got a text message today on my cell phone, which is definitely spam. It looked like it came from a friend of mine, but I know it wasn't her, as well, the phone number that was included wasn't hers. Luckily, I rarely get spam on my cell phone. But … [Read more...]