Yahoo Loses Mail

Yahoo Loses Mail I will never, ever understand folks who store their email in a free, online account. Doubly so when it's business mail. I use my free online email accounts for things like, you know, spam! Apparently, today, Yahoo lost scores of email. The web is abuzz … [Read more...]

The Mailing List

The Mailing List Mailing lists. Remember those? I'm not talking about the type of list where you gather email addresses and send out a newsletter. The mailing list I'm talking about is the kind that is dedicated to a topic or topics that you talk about with other people … [Read more...]

Spam of the day

Spam of the day Got to love the spam you get from people trying to get backlinks. Problem is, these folks hire “cheap labor”, for lack of a better term; to do their commenting. Here is one result of this. You couldn’t get any farther off topic. I’m positive my mini rant … [Read more...]

Email Troubleshooting

So you're having a problem with email. Can't send, can't receive. There are any number of reasons as to why you're having email issues. In this day and age of multiple email addresses, web hosting companies and ISPs, it can be a challenge to determine just what is … [Read more...]