Start up utilities

Start up utilities Most computers start up with a lot of un-needed items. About the only thing you need to start up when your computer boots up is your firewall and antivirus program. There are alot of programs that will start up when you boot and it just slows down your … [Read more...]

Windows XP SP3

Here's a tutorial on updating to SP3 if you're on Windows XP. The service pack includes all of the previous updates, so instead of downloading the updates one by one after a reformat, do this and you can do it all at once by using this method. Windows XP SP3 Update … [Read more...]

Advantage MeMedia

Advantage MeMedia I've been spending alot of time on my laptop - it's closest to the heating pad. It's not really my laptop - we all use it including my son. It's not the fastest machine on the internet, and since my son uses it, I decided I would lock it down. I … [Read more...]

Remotely Accessing My Computer

I freaked my son out this afternoon. Total classic. I've hurt my back and cannot sit for more than a few minutes without my back really hurting. Oddly, I can stand, and I can lay down, just can't sit. This is interrupting my work. Deeply. TV is getting really boring- … [Read more...]