Barebones PC Computer System

Barebones PC Computer System We are getting 2 new barebones computer systems on Thursday. I can't wait. Gone are the days of my computer just shutting down for no reason. It is 6 or 7 years old, and is a dinosaur. It is a barebones computer pc system as well. I'll … [Read more...]

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding Yesterday I went on a mission. I wanted to find out how I can block World of Warcraft on my network. Sometimes babyboy shows signs of addiction to the game, and I feel the need to be a mean parental unit, and I want to block it. I use the parental … [Read more...]

Installing XAMPP for Windows

Installing XAMPP for Windows I've been meaning to install XAMPP for Windows for a long time and today was the day. I've installed Apache, PHP and Mysql separately before, but never XAMPP. I thought it was going to be a huge job, boy was I wrong. The install took all … [Read more...]