Premium WordPress Themes

Premium Wordpress Themes Premium Wordpress themes are are professionally designed themes - a better choice because you get a quality theme. Premium Theme Advantages A good theme designer will keep up with the frequent Wordpress updates and make sure their theme works with every update, and if … Read more about Premium WordPress Themes

Studiopress Beautiful Theme

The Beautiful Theme is a light and easy to work with Wordpress theme. It doesn't matter what the topic of your blog might be, this theme would work great. You can expand on this theme easily by using any number of plugins that are written specifically for Genesis themes. You simply need to search … Read more about Studiopress Beautiful Theme

Yahoo Loses Mail

Yahoo Loses Mail I will never, ever understand folks who store their email in a free, online account. Doubly so when it's business mail. I use my free online email accounts for things like, you know, spam! Apparently, today, Yahoo lost scores of email. The web is abuzz with this news, folks … Read more about Yahoo Loses Mail

Classic Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing,  in the world of seo, is a no no. Here is a prime example of what not to do. First, I went to a site, looked around and scrolled down, and down, and down... As you can see in the image: blue. Keywords are hidden in this sea of blue. On my monitor, I could just barely see … Read more about Classic Keyword Stuffing

Akismet – Blog Move

Akismet – Blog Move If you’ve moved your blog from to self hosting and, you may find yourself inundated with spam. took care of these pesky little things for you. I’m willing to bet folks rarely see spam. So now, you’re drowning. What … Read more about Akismet – Blog Move

WordPress Database Backups

I was reading a couple of articles online talking about database backups, leaving the backup on the server, and how easy it is to restore your Wordpress database if needed. There are a couple of distinct disadvantages to leaving a backup on the server 1. A backup will do you no good, if there … Read more about WordPress Database Backups

The Mailing List

The Mailing List Mailing lists. Remember those? I'm not talking about the type of list where you gather email addresses and send out a newsletter. The mailing list I'm talking about is the kind that is dedicated to a topic or topics that you talk about with other people subscribed to that … Read more about The Mailing List