Yahoo Loses Mail

Yahoo Loses Mail I will never, ever understand folks who store their email in a free, online account. Doubly so when it's business mail. I use my free online email accounts for things like, you know, spam! Apparently, today, Yahoo lost scores of email. The web is abuzz with this news, folks are yelling and screaming because … [Read More...]


Classic Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing,  in the world of seo, is a no no. Here is a prime example of what not to do. First, I went to a site, looked around and scrolled down, and down, … [Read More...]


Akismet – Blog Move

Akismet – Blog Move If you’ve moved your blog from to self hosting and, you may find yourself inundated with spam. … [Read More...]

reel to reel backup

WordPress Database Backups

I was reading a couple of articles online talking about database backups, leaving the backup on the server, and how easy it is to restore your Wordpress database … [Read More...]



wordpress logo

Upgrading a Blog

I’ve just spent the last week upgrading a blog that I haven’t looked at in, oh 3 years, I guess. I started the blog in … [Read More...]