How to avoid bundled malware

How to avoid bundled malware It seems like no matter what free software you install on your computer now, there is no way to avoid bundled malware with your apps. Even programs you basically need! This annoys me no end. Some are sneaky about it, which annoys me even … [Read more...]

Yahoo Loses Mail

Yahoo Loses Mail I will never, ever understand folks who store their email in a free, online account. Doubly so when it's business mail. I use my free online email accounts for things like, you know, spam! Apparently, today, Yahoo lost scores of email. The web is abuzz … [Read more...]

Classic Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing,  in the world of seo, is a no no. Here is a prime example of what not to do. First, I went to a site, looked around and scrolled down, and down, and down... As you can see in the image: blue. Keywords are hidden in this sea of blue. On my monitor, … [Read more...]